Tuesday, June 24, 2008



Some Indian lady let go of her shopping cart as Patrick was parking in the lot of my Wal-Mart. According to her, it's not her fault, it's ours for being parked there, and the cart's for rolling two slots down.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Mercedes was hit. Yet again.

Somebody hit the front passenger side corner while the car was parked outside Patrick's office.

What are the odds of that happening? Three accidents, two of which while the car was parked. Alanis' "Ironic" comes to mind, however questionable the title. There's just no song that I know of that goes "Get nice things/ People shit all over them/ That just sucks".


My younger sister-in-law seems to have caught whatever it was that I had. We celebrated Dean's birthday at our usual Chinese buffet this past Friday, and said SIL came up to her hubby and said "Hi, handsome", to which he replied coldly "I'm married." She was so hoarse he didn't recognize her voice, and thought that another guy was hitting on him.

Monday, June 02, 2008

I've been sick since Thursday night.

I called in on Friday morning with a bad case of sore throat, and again today. I have to go back to work tomorrow. I don't know if I'm up to it. I've pretty much done nothing but sleep, blow my nose, and take various sore throat remedies (lozenges, tea, lemonade) these past four days. I got up at 6:30, took a shower and got the mail, and I'm already anxious to climb back into bed.