Saturday, November 29, 2008

The search for red tartan plaid heels

On Black Friday I glimpsed pointy shoes and bright red plaid, but before I could inquire as to their provenance they vanished in the throng of deal-hungry shoppers. I'm not sure, but they might have been these:

Sugar Fergie Flat
$25.30(53% off - was $54.00) at

And so it is that in the spirit of the Christmas season I find myself looking for red tartan plaid high-heeled shoes that speak to me.

These are my ideal plaid shoe, but I can't find them anywhere:

Sam Edelman Lady Red Plaid Pump with Bow
$34.98 before it was out of stock at


And so I'm stuck with fetish footwear like:

Pleaser red plaid mary jane
$34.99 from $50.74
You Save: $15.75 (31%)
From seller Costume Alibi via

or, God forbid, these numbers

Lucious red plaid and lucite 6" sandals
$53 from $82.15 (35% off)


Even though the rugged materials are an incongruous combination with that height of heel, I do rather like the look of these:

$295.00 With Free Shipping

I wonder then if I shouldn't throw all regard for style to the winds and get these:

Sugar Women's Rockband Grande
$90.00 With Free Shipping

Sunday, November 16, 2008

living as if

Wasn't that my blog title at one point?


"The thing is to Live As If. Live As If you were truly free. Live As If you were surrounded by intelligent, capable people. Live As If your decisions mattered in the general scheme of things. Live As If art, literature, music, the cinema really mattered. Live As If other people were just like you. I don’t mean you should tiptoe through the tulips and delude yourself that everything is wonderful. I mean you must resist. I mean you must not let idiots dictate how you live your life. Stupidity is a given; do not hold yourself back because you think you’re surrounded by it. Do not give in to the tyranny of surveys, trends, and conventional wisdom. You are the product of millions of years of evolution. Organisms mutated, survived, adapted over eons, against huge odds, so that you can be what you are now. Honor your species."

Jessica Zafra
Jessica Rules the Universe